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ECRL Membership: What You Need To Know

Library membership is free.

When you join the library we create an online account for you and give you a library card.

When you become a member, you will enter a confidential 4-digit PIN on a keypad provided by library staff. This number will allow you to log in to your online account. It is important that you keep this PIN confidential to avoid unauthorized use of your library card and/or account.

If you sign up for a library card online, a temporary PIN will be mailed to you along with your library card. You can use this to log in to your online account and change your PIN to 4 digits that you will remember and will be confidential.

If you give us your email address, you will get automatic notifications when your books are ready for pickup and when they should be returned to the library. We won’t give your email address to anyone.

ECRL has 9 library branches. As an ECRL member, you have access to all the items at all our locations. You can search for books, DVDs, Blu-Rays, ebooks, audiobooks and other items, request anything you want to borrow, and manage your library account online.

You can borrow up to a maximum of 100 items at one time on your library account.

You can “place a hold” (request that an item be directed to your library branch for you to check out) on up to 100 items at a time. You can place a hold yourself using your online account, or our friendly library staff can place a hold for you.

You are required to pay for any item borrowed on your card that you do not return to the library.

You are required to let us know about any changes in your account information. For example, a change of address or phone number.

You are required to report the loss or theft of a library card. You will receive a new library card free of charge.

No one else is allowed to use your library card to borrow items from the library unless you authorize it. If you want someone to be able to use your library card, ask us to add their name to your account to authorize their access.

If you do not return an item to the library, it will be automatically charged to your account 6 weeks after the date it was due back at the library. We will happily accept the item at a later date, and the charge will be removed from your account when it is returned.

If 10 or more of your borrowed items are overdue (past their return date), your account will be automatically blocked. You will not be able to borrow any more items until you return the overdue materials to the Library. 

Youth (18 or under) must have a parent’s, guardian’s, or caregiver’s permission to get a library card. By giving their permission, that adult is agreeing to pay for any items borrowed on that child’s card that are not returned to the library.

If you damage an item so badly that it can’t be used by anyone else, please return the item or call your library to report the damage. We will forgive the damage and you will not be charged to replace the item.

You can borrow most items from the library for 3 weeks.

You can borrow an item for an additional 3 weeks if no other library member has requested that item. You can renew your loans using your online account, or by visiting or calling your library.

After borrowing an item for 6 weeks, the item must be returned to the library. We want to make sure it is not lost. If no one else has requested it by placing a request (or as we like to say, a “hold”) you can check it out again.

Movies (DVDs & Blu-rays) can only be borrowed for 1 week.

Television series on DVD or Blu-ray (with run-time more than 240 minutes) can be borrowed for 3 weeks.

You can ask us to buy new or culturally relevant items you want to see on our library shelves. Click the “Suggestion for Purchase” link on our website, or click here.

If you want to borrow something that we don’t have, we’ll borrow it from another library system for you. This is called an “Interlibrary Loan” or “ILL”. Click the “Interlibrary Loan” link on our website to access the request form, or click here.

If you borrow items from an ECRL library, you can return those items at any other public library, community college library, or university library in the Nova Scotia.

Materials borrowed from any public library, community college library, or university library in Nova Scotia can be returned at any ECRL library.

Your library card gives you access to our digital content, including databases, learning platforms, downloadable books, movies, magazines, newspapers, and more. You an access most of these resources from the library or from home.

You can access the Library Edition of from ECRL’s public access computers, or from any computer connected to ECRL’s free WiFi.

Click here to view all ECRL Policies that apply to library use.


Library words:

Hold:A request placed in our library system to have an item delivered to your nearest library branch. You may wish to place a hold if the item you want has been checked out by another library member, or if it is on the shelf at different library location. If other library members have already placed a Hold on the item, your Hold request will be placed on a waiting list.

Interlibrary Loan:An item you want that we borrowed from another Library system on your behalf.

Overdue:An item that needs to be returned to the Library because its loan period is up.