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Library News

The Mabou Link site is CANCELLED for today August 19th, 2014.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. The next visit will be August 26, 2014.


 The Port Hawkesbury Library will be closed the week of August 18th to the 22nd for floor cleaning.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Summer Hours for ECRL Headquarters July/August: Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

 Enjoy Fall by researching your family tree! Don't forget that the Library now has access to Ancestry (In-Library use only). 

3D printing @ the Library

Click the image and check out our new 3D printing video!

The Library now offers 3D printing services. Printing costs $1 per hour of printing time. Color choices vary.

Visit either the Port Hawkesbury or Petit de Grat Libraries to arrange printing your design. Or email your design to 

We will ship 3D projects to any ECRL location for pick-up.

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The Living Library

The Living Library project includes the development of community/Library gardens at the Cyril Ward Library in Guysborough, the Canso Library and Resource Centre, the Sherbrooke Library, the Library in Mulgrave (RSpace), the Coady & Tompkins Memorial Library in Margaree Forks, and the Petit de Grat Library. Our goal is to demonstrate that the Library is a storehouse of practical knowledge that can improve people’s lives. For example, at the Library people can get the information needed to learn to cook, sew, renovate their homes, learn a new language, or learn to grow food!

The Library strives to be a leader in community development. Through this project we want to foster the skills required to grow food locally, and provide opportunities to garden, particularly for those families that cannot afford fresh food. We believe the mission of our gardens is to grow vegetables to help support community health. Children and seniors are particularly vulnerable sectors of the population and we are working to ensure they are empowered by the Living Library project.

We are committing to growing our role in promoting food security with this Project. Our dream is that gardening will become a routine activity for us during the summer months. We want to make Free Vegetable Day at the Library a wonderful reality! 

Eastern Counties Regional Library (ECRL) would like to thank the Project supporters, the Nova Scotia Provincial Library,  Guysborough Antigonish Community Heath Board, the Strait Richmond Community Health Board, and the Municipality of the District of Guysborough’s Green Fund.


Many thanks to Rebecca MacPhee helping at Coady & Tompkins Memorial Library Garden Party!                                                                                           





Introducing the Summer Learning Challenge!

The Library is holding its very first Summer Learning Challenge (SLC). The purpose of the SLC is to encourage children to learn during the summer months. Our goal with focusing on learning rather than reading is to be able to create a more inclusive program that appeals to all children, whether or not they identify themselves as a reader. Activities that involve learning could include sports, music lessons, camping or travel, attending a summer camp of some kind, visiting a local museum and most importantly, taking part in a Library Summer Learning Challenge program. The Library wants to encourage kids to learn no matter where or when it happens!

When children participate in learning activities they earn badges. This is an updated idea of the boy/girl scout badges. Our badges will be stickers and if the child, or the child’s parent or guardian, has a Facebook page, we can also email them an image of the badge that they can then share on their page. Plus, when a child borrows and reads a book they can earn the READER badge. For children to earn other badges they need to share with Library staff their summer activities. They can discuss what they’re doing or have done; and Library staff will award the appropriate badge.

Regardless of where children learn they can earn badges from the Library to show their success. Kids who earn 3 badges or more can enter to win prizes. The great news is that Mulgrave Machine Works is sponsoring the grand prize of an iPad Mini. As well, Port Hawkesbury Paper is sponsoring another $500 of additional prizes for children to learn and enter to win!

“I am sincerely grateful for local businesses like Mulgrave Machine Works and Port Hawkesbury Paper who care about children and reading,” said Chief Librarian, Laura Emery. “They help to demonstrate to children and families that kids succeeding at learning is a priority for the whole community. If anyone wants to support their commitment one thing they can do is to ask any children they know if they’ve joined the Summer Learning Challenge.”

The Summer Learning Challenge finishes August 15th. The prize draws will happen the week of August 25th. Children ages 5 to 13 can sign up for the Summer Learning Challenge at their local Library. Check out our online calendar to see when a Summer Learning Challenge program is happening in your community. 

Breast Cancer Resource Collection

Through a partnership between Nova Scotia Provincial Library, Breast Cancer Action Nova Scotia, and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, new resource materials for those diagnosed with breast cancer and their families are available at ECRL. Check out the Breast Cancer Resource Collection.

SLC Sponsors!

We would like to thank our Summer Learning Challenge sponsors for believing in children reading and learning!

Share A Book

Suggest a book others might enjoy on the ECRL Facebook page or suggest a book the Library should buy using our ILL Request Form. Sharing books is so much more than a fundraising campaign. 


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