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Library News

 CheticamChetiCheChChetjkldCheticamp Link site scheduled for today, Wednesday 17, has been cancelled due to vehicle problems. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


ECRL Headquarters and Branches are closed on Wednesday, Dec. 24 to Thursday, Jan. 1 inclusive.  Reopening on Friday, January 2, 2015.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

 Enjoy Fall by researching your family tree! Don't forget that the Library now has access to Ancestry (In-Library use only). 



3D printing @ the Library

Click the image and check out our new 3D printing video!

The Library now offers 3D printing services. Printing costs $1 per hour of printing time. Color choices vary.

Visit either the Port Hawkesbury or Petit de Grat Libraries to arrange printing your design. Or email your design to 

We will ship 3D projects to any ECRL location for pick-up.

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Do you want the library to buy more ebooks?:

Celebrate Community This Holiday Season And Share A Book For Christmas!

Our Share A Book fundraising campaign is being extended into December as the Library needs to be able to buy more books in the New Year. Please consider Share A Book for Christmas gifts. Make a donation on behalf of a friend or loved one and we'll give you a hand-crafted card to let them know of your gift of community reading. Or make a donation of $20 or more and we'll give you a 3D printed thank you ornament.    

If you believe in sharing please donate. Visit your local library for more information on how you can support Share A Book or click the link to our donor card. Thank you so much for belonging to the Library!

In case you missed...

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PS. Our kooky book sharing lady in the videos is Chief Librarian, Laura Emery. We like her, even though she only ever wants to talk about books. :)

Breast Cancer Resource Collection

Through a partnership between Nova Scotia Provincial Library, Breast Cancer Action Nova Scotia, and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, new resource materials for those diagnosed with breast cancer and their families are available at ECRL. Check out the Breast Cancer Resource Collection.

Share A Book 2014

OUR GOAL:  $10,000

December 9th, $5,250

Thanks to our incredible community sponsors!


Share A Book

Suggest a book others might enjoy on the ECRL Facebook page or suggest a book the Library should buy using our ILL Request Form. Sharing books is so much more than a fundraising campaign. 


Need information on a topic? Use the databases below to search for articles in magazines, newspapers, scholarly journals, and a variety of other publications.


Contact our Reference Librarian