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Library by Appointment at Sherbrooke Library

Eastern Counties Regional Library (ECRL) is very pleased to announce that beginning August 19th, the Sherbrooke Branch Library will begin offering appointments to Library members who wish to visit the library. Sherbrooke Library is the first ECRL location to open with controlled access for the public. This exciting service addition continues the process of adapting Library services for the new normal and is guided by ECRL’s Pandemic Response Plan. The plan was carefully researched and approved by the ECRL Board. 

As Sherbrooke is a rural community where many users have to drive to get to the library, ECRL is offering scheduled access to ensure that those who wish to visit the branch can do so without being impacted negatively by physical distancing requirements. Library by Appointment will allow the Sherbrooke Library Assistant to serve members and ensure that the capacity of the library facility is kept to a safe level to maintain physical distancing. As of August 19, members of the public can call the Sherbrooke Library at (902) 522-2180 to book an appointment.

During a library appointment, members will be required to wear a mask, maintain proper physical distancing, and sanitize their hands before using the computer or browsing the collection. To ensure safe physical distancing, the number of visitors at Sherbrooke will be limited to a maximum of 3 people at a time. 

All library appointments will be 1 hour. Users will be limited to one visit per business day and, depending upon demand, may be further limited to one visit per week. Only one appointment can be scheduled at a time per user. The next appointment can be made during or after an appointment. Please be aware that seating and computers within the branch have been reduced to ensure physical distancing. 

The public computer will require booking when the appointment is made. This will help ensure that as many people have access to this technology as possible, while also allowing staff time to properly clean computer stations between uses. Keyboards and mice will be disinfected between each use and at the end of each day.